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Htaccess redirect mod_rewrite rule Generator

Please leave blank and dont tick any htaccess rule you don't require .

seo 301 redirect path
old webpage path(eg: index.php)
new webpage redirect url(eg:

seo 301 redirect directory (all directory content)

old directory location eg home
New directory redirect full path. eg (no closing /)
seo 302 redirect path
old file path (eg index.php)
new url redirect path (eg url(eg:
non www to www ( to Site Url eg
www to non www ( to Site Url eg
Custom 400 error
400 Error path
Custom 401 error
401 Error redirect webpage
Custom 403 error
403 Error redirect url
Custom 404 error
404 Error redirect page
Custom 500 error
500 Error page
change default page (index.htm to home.php).
Enter what you want to use as your default page
Block ip or deny ip ip address or ip addresses separeted by comma
Allow ip or Allow some ip and deny others
ip address or ip addresses separeted by comma
Password protect a file or directory Enter file name

Enter htpasswd path
Turn on file commpression (gzip) to decrease page size and increase loading speed
cache images , css files and pages to increase page loading speed

public private must-revalidateEnter File extension or extensions separated by comma css,gif
Prevent viewing of .htaccess
change https to http Full site name
Prevent directory listing
prevent bandwidth stealing or hotlink protection Your site url Enter file extension or extensions separated by comma eg jpg,gif No hotlink image

.Htaccess Rewrite Generator

.Htaccees generator is a free tool used to generates htaccess files and htaccess redirect syntax parameters for a webserver such as apache, is etc. you don't need to have knowledge of mod_rewrite before you can use this free tool. All you need to do is to identify the htaccess command you need and use the form above to generate it. Generation of .httaccess custom 404 page , 401, 402, 403, 501, error pages are easy and htaccess redirects and password syntax parameters generation is a snap.

Htaccess File

The .htaccess file is a small text document that generally sits at the root of your server in the same location as your index.php or index.htm pages. It gives you the ability to interact with Apache and control directores or domains n your web server on an domain-to-domain and directory-to-directory basis.

htaccess files are placed at the root of your web server or in any drectory in the server which you want to give a special control drectives. For instance where you'd like to control the flow of visitors in a server you want to protect directories and redirect the traffic visiting those pages. This page will generate you the rewriterule syntax parameter to use in the .htaccess file to redirect your visitors in different ways. Note that this is a powerful system file, if the syntax is incorrect in anyway, it could render your site unusable. Always backup your old .htaccess.

Manually creating these RewriteRules can be time consuming and error prone. This tool will generate the rules for you.

Enter your old page to new pages then click the generate button. Copy the resulting code into your .htaccess file then click or refresh ur webpage to see the webpage is redirecting as expected and if it is not redirecting as expected check the page u entered.

Htaccess Redirect generator

Htaccess redirect generator tool is very easy to use, all you need to do is to enter the correct webpage in old url path and the new url path webpages for a htaccess redirect 301.

I find the simplest way to do this is to create an Excel file with two columns. Place the old pages in the first column and the new pages in the second column. Then just copy and paste the cells into the form below and generate your htaccess redirect 301 code.

You only need to enter the path for each page and not the whole URL. e.g. about-us.htm. Just using paths means the rules generated are domain name independent. If you enter the full URL then the code generated will also take the domain into account. This way you can have the rule only apply to a single domain or have the redirect switch to a different domain

Htaccess tool

Htaccess tools provided on this site is free of charge use at your own discretion, if you change the content of your htaccess file and notice a 500 error, just remove the last code added to correct the problem. Using this tool you can also generate codes to block bad bot ip or a user ip that is harming your site.

Htaccess generator tool can be used to generate code for Turning file caching, image caching, site compression is very easy.

htaccess generator tool explanations

This is a simple explanation of all the tools used here

ip Blocking

Ip blocking rewrite rule is used to block spammers ip and bad robots.

301 htaccess redirect

The 301 redirect rule is used to redirect old page to new page, old website to new website, old domain to new domain, https to http and old directory to new directory.

Custom error pages

Custom error page rewrite rule is used to redirects and send a user to a custom error page when there is an error on the server or a page not found on user request. This can be in the form of 404 error page, 401 and 500 errors etc.

Htaccess password or htpasswd

Htaccess htpasswd rewrite rule is used to block users from accessing a file or directory by requesting for password, when one want to access such pages or directories on a webserver.

Hotlink protection

Hot link rules are used from stopping other webmasters from stealing your bandwidth by putting your site images on their sites.


Prevent directory listing

Directory listing can be prevented by using this tool to block users from seeing the content of a directory.

Htaccess is a great powerful tool on apache webserver.It help you to automate a complex job with litle programming. For instance you can serve millions of pages using i single php page, and redirect all request to your server to that single php page and it will generate webpages automatically. Htaccess generator is great tool for every webmaster.







Htaccess Generator

Htaccess adding new mime types and set timezone

hot to create file

hide .

force file save

prevent hack

block and allow referrer

changing home directory page

cache control no cache and cache public

redirect www to non www

ip blocking

password protect a directory

custom error page

php 301 redirect

modifying the environment variable

upload_max_filesize limit

stop directory listing

prevent directory listing

set cookie domain authentication


file access deny control

block all bad robots

hotlink protection