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Learn htaccess ip blocking rewriterule flags , syntax using the sample example below.

IP Blocking

Dealing with troublemakers is a full-time job! A quick way of temporarily stopping people from accessing your site is to block them by IP.
To block people/computers with certain IPs from accessing your site, you can use the following command format:
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 18.132.152
deny from 24.2
allow from all 
Of course, you would probably not be interested in blocking the fictitious IPs I mentioned above. You should change those to something more relevant. If you are really not well liked, you can add as many deny from lines of code as you want.
If somebody from an entire IP range is bugging you, you can block all IPs within that range by only entering a smaller portion of their IP such as 24.2. All IPs that begin with 24.2 such as and will also be blocked automatically.

Allowing Only a Certain IPs

Access you taketh, you can certainly grant...eth In the previous section, you learned how to ban an IP or range of IPs from accessing your site. If you want to only allow a certain IP range to access your site, you can use allow from lines:
order allow,deny
allow from 123.456.789.012
deny from all
I am generally not a fan of allowing based on IP, for you never know when your IP address may change. If you do control the IP address such as on your own private network or intranet, go all out with this setting if you don't have a better way of restricting access.

Deny a user by IP Address

There may come a time when you unfortunately need to ban someone from visiting your website completely. This is very easy to do using htaccess and can be useful if there is a spammer or disgruntled member attacking your site (something which unfortunately happens a lot to forum and blog owners).
To ban someone completely all you need to do is add the following code to your .htaccess file. Simply replace the ip address below with the ip of the person you want to ban
#ban users from visiting the site
order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all
If you want to ban more people you simply add more lines, like this :
#ban users from visiting the site
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 987.65.4.3
deny from
allow from all

htaccess ip blocking syntax

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